Marvel's Avengers will still get Spider-Man some time this year

Spider-Man Life Story Annual #!
(Image credit: Mark Bagley (Marvel Comics))

Marvel's Avengers' Spider-Man plans still haven't come to fruition, but the developers say Peter Parker's arrival in the online team-up brawler is still on track.

The next big beat for Marvel's Avengers is the War for Wakanda expansion, which will introduce Black Panther as a playable hero and his home of Wakanda as a new spot for heroes to gather and undertake missions. As we spoke with senior game designer Scott Walters about Black Panther's hotly anticipated arrival in Marvel's Avengers, we took a moment to check in on Spider-Man as well - Walters couldn't say much, but what he did share was encouraging.

"Yes, we are still working on Spider-Man," Walters answered. "We planned on releasing him this year, and he's still on track for that."

At least Spider-Man's appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has already established a precedent for Peter Parker taking his sweet time to show up to those weekly Avengers meetings.

Speaking of unusual superhero arrangements with Sony, the other thing to note about Spider-Man is that he's set to be a PlayStation-exclusive character - the first and only platform-exclusive Avengers character to be announced so far. As far as we know, his PlayStation exclusivity will be permanent, rather than elapsing after a set window of time.

We're looking forward to seeing what comes next for Avengers, though until then the developers at Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics believe that "War for Wakanda is some of the best storytelling" they have created for the game yet.

The developers of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy were encouraged to make deeper cuts into Marvel lore thanks to Avengers giving Kamala Khan a prominent role.

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