Marvel's Avengers roadmap has been scrapped in favor of short term updates

Marvel's Avengers
(Image credit: Square Enix)

A reported roadmap for Marvel's Avengers has seemingly been scrapped.

Earlier this week, a brand worker at Crystal Dynamics on Marvel's Avengers took to the game's official subreddit to shoot down speculation about a roadmap for the game. Instead of focusing on a roadmap, this developer says, the staff at Crystal Dynamics are prioritizing more short term updates for Marvel's Avengers.

Now, Forbes is reporting that there was in fact a roadmap for Marvel's Avengers. A report from the outlet claims that a complete 2022 roadmap for the game was in the works, and scheduled to be released at some point last year in 2021. That obviously didn't happen, and the outlet points to a February 2022 blog post by Crystal Dynamics as stating that a roadmap was still in the works.

According to the new comments by the brand worker at Crystal Dynamics, that roadmap has now apparently been called off entirely. The report from Forbes might actually shed some light on why, as the outlet claims that the majority of development staff has moved onto other projects, including the recently announced Tomb Raider game, and the Perfect Dark reboot.

This actually all comes off the back of Crystal Dynamics announcing two new updates for Marvel's Avengers earlier this week. The first, scheduled to launch in May, will overhaul ongoing events to make them more rewarding, while the second updates slated for later this year introduces Jane Foster's The Mighty Thor to the superhero roster

Check out our feature on how Jane Foster became The Mighty Thor in Marvel comics for a complete walkthrough of the character.

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