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Marvel's Avengers free PS5 upgrade will have separate modes for "enhanced graphics" and "high framerate"

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Marvel's Avengers is getting a PS5 (opens in new tab)-enhanced version that will be free to anyone with a copy of the game on PS4. The upgrade will take advantage of the next-gen PS5's specs (opens in new tab) and new DualSense controller for a smoother, better-looking, more immersive experience.

The PS5-enhanced version of Marvel's Avengers will come with two distinct modes: one for the best graphics possible and another for the smoothest framerate. 

"As gamers, we sometimes want every ounce of power put into extra graphics features to achieve the highest image quality possible. For this, Marvel’s Avengers will offer an enhanced graphics mode on PS5. At other times, we want the most fluid gameplay experience possible. For that, Marvel’s Avengers will offer a high framerate mode on PS5, which targets 60 FPS with dynamic 4K resolution," explains Crystal Dynamics Chief Technology Officer Gary Snethen in a new post on the PlayStation Blog (opens in new tab).

Even more exciting than the higher textures and framerates, Snethen says, is the PS5's new tailor-made SSD (opens in new tab), which the self-described technophile describes as "transformative" to next-gen gaming.

"Without any optimization work, the loading and streaming of Marvel’s Avengers improved by an order of magnitude on PS5. When optimization is complete, loading content will be nearly instant, allowing players to seamlessly jump into missions anywhere in the game world. And as Iron Man flies through content-rich levels, higher resolution textures and mesh will stream in instantly, maintaining the highest possible quality all the way to the horizon," Snethen elaborates.

Finally, Snethen says the PS5 version of Marvel's Avengers will take advantage of the hardware's 3D audio and other "new platform features," as well as the DualSense's adaptive triggers (opens in new tab).

Marvel's Avengers launches on PS4 September 4, 2020, and will be available on PS5 when the next-gen console releases this Holiday season.

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