An underrated Marvel film is getting a spooky new release for Halloween

Werewolf By Night
(Image credit: Marvel)

Marvel’s highly acclaimed Werewolf By Night might have slipped under your radar the first time around. 

The spooky special about a lycanthrope superhero was released on Disney Plus in 2022 amid a crowded field of releases, including the She-Hulk finale, Andor, Rings of Power, and House of the Dragon. Luckily, now viewers are getting a second chance to enjoy the TV film.

However, there will be a big difference this time around as the MCU special releases in "vibrant color" instead of its usual black-and-white in time for Halloween on October 20. This is an interesting choice given that its cinematography was widely praised by critics who compared it to monster movies of the 1930s and 40s. But, we're all for this underrated film getting some more well-deserved attention.

If you're new to it, Werewolf By Night is a standalone story that follows a group of monster hunters who unite on a somber night following the death of their leader. As part of a macabre tribute to their death, each member must take part in a deadly competition to find a powerful relic, but they’ll have to face a dangerous monster to do so.

The TV film also boasts a star-studded cast to bring this story to the screen as well, including The Motorcycle Diaries’ Gael García Bernal and Outlander’s Laura Donnelly. Harriet Sansom Harris, Kirk R. Thatcher,  Leonardo Nam, and Daniel J. Watts all also appear.

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