Marvel Comics reveals new Alien ongoing series

Alien #1 cover by Björn Barends
Alien #1 cover by Björn Barends (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Two years after securing the rights to the ever-popular sci-fi horror series, Alien, Marvel Comics has announced another new Alien series to debut this August. Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson with art by Julius Ohta, Alien #1 launches "an express elevator to Hell," which sounds like a brand new nightmare.

In the first arc of the newly relaunching title, a secret colony of synths who have settled on a "backwater moon" must team up with soldiers from the United Systems to venture into a dangerous world to retrieve "biotechnology" that "could be the key to saving humanity."

However, the Synths are faced with a moral quandary over whether to help the human soldiers in their mission or protect themselves from being potentially exploited and betrayed - themes that have become prominent in recent incarnations of the Alien franchise, including Prometheus and Alien: Covenant.

Alien #1 cover by Björn Barends (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Alien #1 will feature main cover art by Björn Barends, as well as variant covers by Travis Charest, Carlos Magno, and Ryan Brown. The series debuts alongside Predator #2, keeping the two franchises as closely knit as one might expect, even if they don't appear to be crossing over (yet).

This comic comes with a parental advisory, likely for frightening images and adult concepts. Alien #1 hits shelves in August.

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