Marvel approached Firaxis to make Midnight Suns because of how much they liked XCOM

Marvel's Midnight Suns
(Image credit: Marvel)

Marvel approached Firaxis to make Marvel’s Midnight Suns, as revealed in the brand new issue of Edge Magazine.

In the extensive feature that headlines Edge 363, which goes on sale this Thursday, September 9, Marvel's Midnight Suns is explored in great detail, from how the game's surprising take on strategic combat works to how the game's third-person Abbey sections unfold.   

It's also revealed that Marvel came to XCOM developer Firaxis after they finished up on XCOM 2: War of the Chosen to see if they would work on a Marvel game.

Creative Director Jake Solomon told Edge: " As much as I personally love Marvel, it just doesn’t even cross your mind." He goes on to explain how he could tell Marvel knew their stuff when it came to the type of games that Firaxis are known for:
"Honestly, you often hear from execs, ‘Oh yeah, I loved that game’, and maybe they do, and maybe they don’t. But the very first call I had, there was an executive vice president of Marvel on the line, and he had very specific feedback about the finale mission of XCOM."

With the Marvel's Midnight Suns gameplay showcase coming today, you'll want to make sure you pick up Edge this week to learn more about what Firaxis are bringing to both the Marvel gaming universe and their form of strategy gaming. 

Edge 363 is in UK shops soon, and can also be ordered for delivery via Magazines Direct (opens in new tab). To buy the issue digitally when it's released, head to Apple’s App Store (opens in new tab) or PocketMags (opens in new tab).

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