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Marvel adjusts Immortal Hulk schedule for next three months

Immortal Hulk
(Image credit: Alex Ross (Marvel Comics))

The Marvel hit series Immortal Hulk is revising its schedule for the next three months, nixing a plan to do more twice-monthly issues.

While Immortal Hulk #41 remains on track to go on sale December 16, issue #42 which was also originally scheduled for December has been pushed back to January - with the next two issues delayed as a result.

(Image credit: Alex Ross (Marvel Comics))

Originally scheduled for December 30, Immortal Hulk #42 has been pushed back two weeks to January 13.

As a result, Immortal Hulk #43 moves three weeks back (January 13 to February 3), and Immortal #44 moves a full four weeks back (from February 3 to March 4).

While Immortal Hulk began on a monthly schedule, over the course of its two-year run Marvel has experimented with twice-monthly shipping five times in 2019, and three times in 2020 (with December originally slated to be a fourth).

With Immortal Hulk #44 pushed back to the first week of March, it's possible Marvel's upcoming March 2021 solicitations could add a second issue since it is a five-Wednesday month.

The logic, of course, being if it's selling well, why not try to sell an extra issue or two each year?

(Image credit: Alex Ross (Marvel Comics))

In addition, Marvel has been publishing a steady diet of Al Ewing-written Immortal Hulk in standalone tie-ins one-shots to major events that don't distract from the main storyline in the ongoing series. The latest, Immortal Hulk: King in Black, goes on sale on December 16 - the same day as Immortal Hulk #41.

Series artist Joe Bennett has said he and Ewing plan to wrap up the series with Immortal Hulk #50 - which, if it remains on a monthly schedule, would go on sale in September 2021.

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