Martin Sheen is Uncle Ben in Spider-Man reboot

Martin Sheen is Uncle Ben in Spider-Man reboot

In perhaps the greatest piece of casting in any movie for the last decade, former fictional President of the United States, and forever President of Awesome, Martin Sheen will be taking on the role of Uncle Ben in Marc Webb's Spider-man .

Sheen - best known for his roles in Badlands , Apocalypse Now , The West Wing and most recently, The Departed - takes over from Cliff Robertson as the iconic father figure, whose death (in the original comics and Sam Raimi's films) at the hands of a robber is a major influence on Peter Parker's decision to become Spider-Man.

Whether that continuity will change, especially with such a high-profile actor as Sheen on board, is certainly up for speculation.

We know that this version of Spider-man will differ from the character portrayed in Raimi's films - will Webb's Spidey have an Uncle Ben that lives?

Sheen joins a cast that already includes Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker (you can read an exclusive chat with the star here ), Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey and Rhys Ifans as villain Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard.

However the filmmakers approach the character in the reboot, you can bet that Sheen will be a highlight. Best. Casting. Ever.

The as-yet Untitled Spider-Man Reboot will be released July 4 2012.