Marth amiibo restock coming in late April

Among the amiibo seekers there lies an old legend. A legend that tells us of a time long, long ago when Marth figurines hung from store shelves, waiting to be taken by whoever happened upon them. That legend seemed so distant to most, too far from their wearying search to believe... Until today.

Nintendo has announced that more Marth amiibo figures will head to stores in late April to support the launch of Code Name: STEAM… which is slated to release on March 13. But hey, at least you can stop combing eBay listings to complete your Wave 1 collection now.

Marth was one of the most popular amiibo at launch, likely because of his popularity among Smash Bros. fans, and supplies of his figure disappeared from retail within weeks. Since Code Name: STEAM lets you bring Fire Emblem characters into the game by tapping an amiibo to the New 3DS screen, a supply boost was the only way many players would get to try out Marth's foray into tactical steampunk combat.

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Connor Sheridan

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