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Marley & Me rules the US Box Office Again

Dog comedy drama Marley & Me faced no new competition this weekend at the box office, and stayed top dog with $24 million, and more than $100 million total.

Bedtime Stories remained lodged in second place, earning $20 million, while The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button in third place with $18.4 million.

Valkyrie is doing decent, if unspectacular business, making $14 million this weekend in fourth, while Yes Man took fifth again with $13.8 million.

Find the full top 10 chart below.

Marley & Me ($24 million)
Bedtime Stories ($20 million)
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button ($18.4 million)
Valkyrie ($14 million)
Yes Men ($13.8 million)
Seven Pounds ($10 million)
The Tale Of Despereaux ($7 million)
Doubt ($5 million)
The Day The Earth Stood Still ($4.8 million)
Slumdog Millionaire ($4.7 million)

[Source: Box Office Mojo ]