Marley And Me is top dog at the US box office

Marley And Me, starring Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson and a parade of cute dogs, won the US box office this Christmas weekend with $37.6 million.

The long weekend – not including Thursday’s Christmas Day takes – also saw Bedtime Stories, Adam Sandler’s latest, score $28 million for second place, while The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button win a solid third place with $27 million.

Tom Cruise’s Valkyrie, meanwhile, took fourth with $21.5 million, pushing last weekend’s leader, Yes Man, to fifth with $16.4 million.

The week’s one other wide release, The Spirit, belly flopped into ninth place with crushing reviews and $6.5 million. See the full top 10 chart below.

  1. Marley And Me ($37 million)
  2. Bedtime Stories ($28 million)
  3. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button ($27 million)
  4. Valkyrie ($21.5 million)
  5. Yes Man ($16.4 million)
  6. Seven Pounds ($13.4 million)
  7. The Tale Of Despereaux ($9.3 million)
  8. The Day The Earth Stood Still ($7.9 million)
  9. The Spirit ($6.5 million)
  10. Doubt ($5.6 million)

[Source: Box Office Mojo ]