Marky Mark Wahlberg partners with Microsoft for free Kinect charity giveaway

When he isn't dropping dope beats withthe funky bunch, fighting damn dirty apes or hanging out on the set of Entourage, it appears as though Mark Wahlberg like to fill his downtime by handing out free XBox Kinects to good littleBoys and Girls Clubsacross America.

No stranger toacts of philanthropy,Wahlberg has signed on to help Microsoft deliver free 4GB XBox 360 Kinect Bundles complete with copies of Kinect Sports to thousands of Boys and Girls Club of America groups.

Above: "Yo, say hello to your moms for me, ok?"

"When I heard XBox 360 wanted to give Kinect to Clubs across the country, I had to jump in and help," said Wahlberg in a recent interview before, presumably,proceeding to talk with theKinectimals.

On paper, the program is Microsoft's way of endorsing healthy, active lifestyles amongst American youths by keeping them indoors and avoiding real sports. Just kidding; this is a pretty sweet move on Microsoft's part. Speaking of which,what's the age limit for joining aBoys and Girls Club?


Nov 5, 2010

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