Kinect: The day-one verdict

As you might have seen if you were around on GamesRadar this morning, we got a Kinect today. We've un-boxed it, set it up, and now, several hours later, we've played rather a lot of it. So time for a first verdict then. Over the course of the day myself, Justin, Matt and Meiks have punched, kicked, tickled and jumped our way through a variety of digital-mime-based activities, and now we're ready to tell you what we think via videos of us doing those very things and then having a considered roundtable discussion.

Ready to see more flailing than you'd get at an alcoholics' voguing competition? Then here we go, with a snapshot of how a day with Kinect went down.

And now our impressions:

So Kinect then. Tricky beast. Between us we definitely had intermittent fun today. Whether it's the sort of fun we want to spend £129.99 on is debatable, but remember that this feature is based only on our first day messing around with the controller and its first batch of games. This thing does have potential, and it can be satisfying when it works, but whether it can bring enough to the table to improve more than it hinders is a matter that will only be decided through subsequent generations of software, as devs become more adept and adventurous in regards to designing for it. As for the potential for proper, hardcore games? We're in the same boat.

But now that you've witnessed it in full flow, and seen and heard our immediate feelings, what do you think? Has your opinion changed either way? Are you paying more attention than you were before, or has it just dropped straight off your radar? Opinions. We crave them.

Kinect is out now in the US and releases in the UK November 10.

November 04, 2010