Mario's new cosmic girl

When dungaree advocate Mario takes to the stars in the upcoming Wii adventure, Super Mario Galaxy, he'll be joined by a new, super-fringed femme called Rosetta - a cutesy looking lady (check out her disembodied head below) that is currently causing a storm of speculation on the internet. Is she elbowing in on Peach's patch as Mushroom Kingdom's number one damsel in distress?

Well, we don't think there's any danger of Peach losing her title as most frequently kidnapped - it's been established by Nintendo for quite some time that that the hapless heroine gets snatched (again) for Super Mario Galaxy, consequently prompting Mario's journey into space. So what role will Rosetta play, then?

Above: Could bit-part player Princess Daisy (left) and Mushroom Kingdom's most hapless damsel, Princess Peach (right), be joined by Rosetta in future Mario spin-offs?

All we know for sure - because wesaw with our own eyesat last week's E3 - is that Rosetta watches over the stars and recruits the hairy-lipped Italian to help save all the planets in the Galaxy, but beyond that everything else is pure guess work. Is she a new princess? Is she related to Peach? Could she, in fact, be Peach? Or maybe she's Luigi in drag?

Whatever Rosetta turns out to be, we're betting that Nintendo won't pass up the opportunity to add such a saccharine-faced sweetie to the character roster of Mario spin-offs somewhere down the line.

July 19, 2007

Matt Cundy
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