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Mario Sports Mix gets February release date

Nintendo has announced that its next mascot-heavy sports compilation, Mario Sports Mix, is warming up for a February 7, 2011 release.

Developed for the Wii by Square Enix, the game will feature Nintendo's familiar cast of Mario mascots engaged in four new sporting events: hockey, basketball, volleyball and dodgeball. In addition to these regulars, the game will also guest star generic characters from Square Enix's Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest franchisessuch moogles, cactuar, mages and slimes.

It's unclear just how well a slime can handle a puck, but according toNintendo's release, each character will haveits own abilities with which to add to the already cartoony action. Players will also be able to gain advantages via power-ups and by interacting with the character-themed arenas. Here's just one example of how that craziness will play out on screen:

Strangely enough, Nintendo's official listing for Mario Sports Mix bares no mention of Square Enix's roster additions. Nevertheless, here's hoping that the entire cast plays nice when they hit the ice/court/beach next fall.

Dec 21, 2010


Moogles, mages and more coming to Mario Sports Mix
Cactuar too!

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