Mario Party 7 Cheats

Mario Party 7 Unlockables

  • GameCube | Submitted by Dontaeax Garner


    Buy these bonuses in the shop with your mileage points:

    Ancient Jar: 500 points
    Annoy Mode: 500 points
    Aquarium Secret: 500 points
    Birdo character: 1,000 points
    Blooper Fortune-Teller: 500 points
    Bowser's Boiled Eggs: 500 points
    Bowser's Crazy Torch: 500 points
    Bowser's Killer Cannon: 500 points
    Brutal difficulty: 1,000 points
    Character Voices: 1,000 points
    Cheep Cheep Fountain: 500 points
    Cruise Secret 1: 500 points
    Cruise Secret 2: 500 points
    Desert Chocolate: 500 points
    Desert Goomba: 500 points
    Dry Bones character: 1,000 points
    Fuzzy Sheep: 500 points
    Gong Clock: 500 points
    Grand Canal Cookies: 500 points
    Hop Hat Shy Guy: 500 points
    Ice Moves mini-game: 3,000 points
    King of the River mini-game: 2,000 points
    Koopa Sheperdess: 500 points
    Kung Fu Kooopa: 500 points
    Kung Fu Koopa T-Shirt: 500 points
    Map Sounds in Solo Cruise: 1,000 points
    Model Rocket: 500 points
    Model Windmill: 500 points
    Mysterious Flying Disc: 500 points
    Orb Shop Secret: 500 points
    Pyramid Piggy Bank: 500 points
    Singing Shy Guy: 500 points
    Souvenir Secret: 500 points
    Staff Records: 3,000 points
    Steel Goomba: 500 points
    Stick and Spin mini-game: 3,000 points
    Sticky Buns: 500 points
    Stunning Background: 2,000 points
    Team Secret: 500 points
    Top Hat Chocolate: 500 points
    Tour Sounds: 1,000 points
    Windy Cheese: 500 points
    Complete the task, and you can buy these bonuses in the shop:

    Chop Chop Helicopter (1,000 points): Play Deluxe Cruise repeatedly
    Free Play Sub (1,000 points): Play all Cruise mini-games
    Magic Lamp: Successfully complete the normal course in King Of The River mode
    Miracle Treasure Chest: Successfully complete the easy course in King Of The River mode
    MSS Sea Star (1,000 points): Play every board in Party mode
    Power Star Statue: Successfully complete the hard course in King Of The River mode

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlockable Souvenirs

    (CMP = Cruise Milage Points; purchase in the Duty-free shop)

    Miracle Treasure Chest - Complete the Easy course in King of the River mode.
    Magic Lamp - Complete the Normal course in King of the River mode.
    Power Star Statue - Complete the Hard course in King of the River mode.
    1000 CMP - Chop Chop Helicopter - Play the Deluxe Cruise many times
    1000 CMP - Free Play Sub - Play every type of game in the Minigame Cruise
    1000 CMP - MSS Sea Star souvenir - Play every board in Party Mode

  • GameCube | Submitted by Yoshi Master

    Rainbow Cruise Map

    You must have cleared Solo Mode with all 12 characters. Next, get a total high score of 60 turns or less. Then unlock every souvinere and mini-game. Finally play all the board maps in Party Mode at least 3 times and you will be awarded the Rainbow Cruise Map.

  • GameCube | Submitted by MarioPartyGuest#13

    Unlock Bowser's Enchanted Inferno Board

    To unlock this secret board, win all of the battles in solo cruise, and defeat Bowser. Bowser's Enchanted Inferno will be playable in party mode.

Mario Party 7 Hints

  • GameCube | Submitted by Lord of G.

    Special Orbs

    There are 5 special orbs for each board.

    Grand Canal/Bowser's Enchanted Inferno: Flutter Orb, Brings you to star space
    Pagoda Peak: Cannon Orb, Brings you further up the mountain
    Pyramid Park: Snack Orb, Stops Chain Chomp from stealing from you for 3 turns
    Neon Heights: Lakitu Orb, Gives you nearest treasure chest
    Windmillville:Bandit Orb, Whoever lands on it loses coins from one of their windmills

  • GameCube | Submitted by Tyler

    Lots of Mileage Points...the Hard Way

    Duty Free Shop

    Muster up all of your patience if you want to earn a huge stockpile of Mileage Points. But the only way to do so is to have already completed 5 of the Solo Cruise levels. First, select the "Solo Cruise". Then pick the Bowser's Enchanted Inferno stage, the last level. You'll need to get a Star and somehow avoid all of Bowser's traps on the board and reach the central island, which is your starting point. There, you will challenge Bowser in a great showdown. If you can defeat his task, you will earn around 700 or more Mileage Points at the end, not only for defeating your rival but big bad Bowser, too! However, this takes quite a while, for Bowser may sink the island with the Star into boiling laza during the game. Plus you have to worry about your opponent getting the Star first. If they do, another Star will appear somewhere else. It's up to you to get it and race to the island before your opponent does. If your rival beats you to it, don't worry: he'll probably lose, since he's on the "Weak" setting. You'll have as many chances as you need before you use up all of the turns to overthrow Bowser, but if the turns are up, all the hours of clawing your way up will have been wasted. Watch out for that and good luck!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Tyler

    Defeating Bowser

    Solo Cruise

    After you've managed to climb to the uttermost top of the game, you'll face Bowser in a grand showdown. You'll enter Bowser's huge, tall castle in hopiong of reaching the 100th room of his lair. Don't worry. It's not like the Pit of 100 Trials. All you have to do is dodge Bowser's and Koopa Kid's homing missles and flaming rocks while on an elevator-like platform. While dodging the hazards, hit the four Dice Blocks. The total numbers of the Dice Blocks you hit will add up and you'll move up that number of rooms. Obviously, the bigger numbers the better. Once you reach the tip top of his manor, Bowser will plummet off to an uncharted island with Koopa Kid right beind him! So long, Bowser!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Tyler

    Easy Mileage Points

    Duty Free Shop

    As you probably already know, you can purchase souvenirs and unlockables at the Duty Free Shop by swapping Mileage Points. To earn easy Mileage Points, simply select "Solo Cruise" and do the first level located at Grand Canal. You are only required to collect 2 Stars before your rival does. If you sucessfully complete this task, you will not only have earned 1 Mileage Point per how many spaces you moved, you receive an additional 500 Mileage Point reward for defeating your opponent. Continue this process at leat twice to earn a bountiful 1,000 or some odd Mileage Points!

Mario Party 7 Easter Eggs

  • GameCube | Submitted by fightfrenzy180

    Secret for Souveniers

    Go to duty-free shop.Then click souveneirs. After that pick a souveneir then say the colored words into your microphone. If you do this correctly your souveneir will do something.