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Mario Golf: Super Rush latest trailer showcases Mario Kart inspired golf courses

Mario Golf Super Rush
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Mario Golf: Super Rush has got a new trailer that features tonnes of new gameplay elements and reveals the character roster.

The new trailer, which features over 5 minutes of gameplay footage, highlights different game modes from Speed Golf, Battle Golf, and the game’s story mode Golf Adventure. 

As well as this, we're also introduced to several new gameplay techniques from curve and spin shots, to utilizing the wind and terrain of each course to your advantage. 

The character roster was also revealed and includes 16 Super Mario characters, including the usual line up of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Yoshi to some more obscure characters like Mayor Pauline from Super Mario Odyssey, King Bob-omb from Super Mario 64, and even Chargin' Chuck the football player enemy who knocks players off their feet in several Mario games. Each character has their own special move and strengths which can go a long way in a round of Speed Golf. 

Also in the latest trailer, we were given a glimpse into the variety of courses players will be able to choose from. From the more mundane ones you would expect to find in a golf game to others that look as if they’ve been taken straight out of Mario Kart 8 which are full of hazards and the usual Mario-themed distractions. 

Finally, we also got a look at how co-op works with players able to compete with up to 3 friends via couch co-op and online via Nintendo Switch Online. 

Mario Golf: Super Rush will release on the Nintendo Switch on June 25, 2021. 

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Hope Bellingham
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