Manhunt 2: The entire saga

It was always going to be surrounded by controversy and yesterday Take-Two Interactive announced that the Entertainment Software Rating Board had given Manhunt 2 the "AO," or Adults only rating. This announcement came after the British Board of Film Classification announced that it had rejected Manhunt 2 for rating, meaning that - unless Rockstar resubmits a diluted version of its ultra-violent excursion into the morally unsettling - the game will never be released in the UK. Similarily in America, unless Rockstar edits the game, consumers may not be able to purchaseit in many retail chains.

So, with the future of Manhunt 2 in the UK looking decidedly bleak - and with lots of previously uninterested people having a sudden car crash curiosity in the game - we look back at the entire Manhunt 2 saga, starting with yesterday's seismic bombshells and following the trail to the game's announcement at the start of the year. To submerge yourself fully, don't forget to check out our gallery of Manhunt 2screenshotsandmovies.

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June 20, 2007