Manhunt 2 a "fine piece of art" says Take-Two

Rockstar parent company Take-Two has described Manhunt 2 as a "fine piece of art," in reaction to the bans that the sequel has received.

The BBC reported the company's chairman Strauss Zelnick said "Manhunt 2 had his full support and that consumers should decide for themselves."

In a statement, Zelnick said, "The Rockstar team has come up with a game that fits squarely within the horror genre and was intended to do so. It brings a unique, formerly unheard of cinematic quality to interactive entertainment, and is also a fine piece of art."

Let's hope these comments carry weight, because the game might not see release in the US. It's already been banned in the UK and Ireland, and the ESRBgave itan Adults Only rating.And both Sony and Nintendo refuse to touch AO-rated titles.

June 21, 2007