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Mafia 2 guide
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This Mafia II guide and tips will help you to expand your criminal empire, as you fight to become the top dog in Empire Bay.

Mafia II guides

Mafia II tips

Money And Guns

Gun Store - For easy money and free guns rob the gun store. Do not pull a gun as the gun store owner is quick and will kill you before you get a chance. Instead push him and box him, if you go behind the counter and push him into the corner you can use a combo almost immediately. Then you can rob the register and take as many guns and ammo as you can carry. Run out of the store before the cops arrive and you won't acquire a wanted level. Register typically has between $600-$700 dollars3

Clothing store - Run inside and push the clerk, then rob the register, usually around $120. If you steal each type of clothing it will then be saved in your wardrobe later. Run out before cops arrive to prevent wanted level. If cops do arrive before you get out, hide behind counter and kill cops, once cops are no longer in the area, steal a new outfit to drop your wanted status and walk out of the store.

Bruski's junkyard - Drive any car to Bruski's junkard, use the crusher. There is another car parked nearby, you can use crush that car also or use it to get another car, once you come back the car will be respawned. Each car/truck that you crush earn around $400. You can do this as many times as you like. You can run into police so that they chase you to the junkyard. Take out the police then crush their cars.

M1A1 Machine Gun - Earn a 4 star wanted level and the police will have M1A1 Machine guns, kill the police and take the gun.

Lazy Car Fix

If a saved car in your garage is damaged by pressing X you can repair it to full health there without having driving to a mechanics. I think the prices might be the same for both as well.

Easy Pedal To The Metal Trophy

After the shootout with the Greasers at the foundry, when you have to drive the hot rod to Derek, instead, go to the body shop and buy Sports tuning. Then go on the bridge between Uptown and Hunters Point. Start as far back as you want and then FLOOR it. Stay to the side of the bridge and that should keep you from crashing.

Steal A Car But Get The Owner Arrested...

Anywhere where someone is fixing a smoking car.

When finding a parked car with its owner trying to fix the engine, enter the car when police pass by (the car wont be locked and the police shouldn't come after you) and as you start the car up the owner will run over and pull you out, this will trigger the police to come over and arrest him! This can be done over and over as the owner will use unlimited money to bribe the police.

Make Money Without Police Interest.

When you drive to Bruski's scrapyard, you will notice that there is a car parked not too far away from the crusher. Take that car and do a lap of the scrapyard. When you come back, there should be another car in its place. Crush your car and steal that other car. Do another lap of the scrapyard and there will be again another car in its place. Again, crush your car. Repeat this until you have the desired amount of money.

Wake Up Call Achievement

In Chapter 11, you start off at your house with a surprising visit from Henry. Preventing further reprisals, Henry asks to join your family. Later on, he's ordered to kill Leo Galante. After rushing to his house and explaining the situation you attempt to escape without being caught. You start off in Leo's office. Head immediately through the open door behind you to his bedroom straight across the hall. Turn right and you'll see another door. Open it and you'll find yourself in a hallway. Look right and you'll see some sheets that you can interact with. Activating them will trigger a cutscene showing the pair escaping from the second floor. After this, you'll get the achievement,"Wake Up Call", for sneaking out without getting caught.

Easy Money $400+ Each Time

Go to the junkyard and there will always be a car there. Break in and put it in the crusher. Now leave the yard and soon a delivery truck will arrive. Get in it and go back to the yard and the will be another car. Keep doing it over and over for quick cash.

Dumb Cops

Pull out a pistol when a cop is around, getting him to "run" after you and find a car that doesn't belong to the cops and blow it up. When the cop gets there, just run around the car and he will die from the flames, giving you no ticket and a gun!

Mafia II Easter eggs

Titanic Resemble

chapter 10 room service on roof

If you look to the docks there will be a ship resembling Titanic

Super Mario Brothers Easter Egg

When Vito and Joe disguise themselves as cleaning crew members they both put on mustaches. This is a reference to Super Mario Brothers only they are janitors instead of plumbers.

All Your Base Reference

Chapter 6 - Time Well Spent

After the annoyingly long cutscene where you must put up with the corrections officer that looks suspiciously like Hitler, and following the guard to your cell, you must watch another shorter cutscene where you're in the jail yard and come to your second task in the prison, which is contact Leo Galante. Directly to your right "inside" the wall are some bleachers with a prisoner laying on the ground behind them and a collectible Playboy magazine. Continue through the yard past the basketball court and the prisoner doing pushups until you come to a prisoner kneeling near a lightpost. Stand here and you should here a prisoner saying something about "All your base... All your base are belong to us..."

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