Madonna to claim Ritchie said she looked like a granny

Lawyers for Madonna are said to be compiling a list of incidents where Guy Ritchie belittled and mocked her. In one such incident, he allegedlly said she “looked like a granny."

We won't make it a habit of posting celebrity stories on, but this one has amused us enough to share it.

According to The Telegraph , lawyers will also claim that Ritchie said she was 'past it' when she turned fifty, and that she couldn't act. We don't think Ritchie's lawyers will have a problem proving that one. “Exhibit A, your honour. Swept Away.”

Sherlock Holmes still going ahead

News of the couple's divorce was announced on Wednesday, whilst Ritchie was midway through production on Sherlock Holmes.

We've been told that the movie is still moving ahead, despite the high profile divorce proceedings that now surround it.

Warner Brothers recently confirmed the release date had been moved from 2010 to November 20, 2009.