Madden 20 price hits all-time low - perfect for the post-season blues

Madden 20 deal
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The new season's September start always feels so far away at this time of year, but you don't have to wait that long to get your football fix: EA's Madden 20 has just dropped to its lowest ever price at Walmart. It's now a not-inconsiderable five bucks cheaper than the crazy Black Friday deal we saw.

EA's annual sporting titles can be notoriously slow to drop in price, especially when they're riding high in the charts throughout the year. We usually have to wait until the arrival of the following season's game to see it even get close to half price, never mind under that mark like it is today!

Madden 20 | PS4 and Xbox One |

Madden 20 | PS4 and Xbox One | $59.99 $25
There's simply no reason not to pick Madden 20 up at this price. Well, unless you're a 49ers fan as it might feel too soon. It also doesn't help that the Chief's Patrick Mahomes looks so damn happy on the cover too. Sorry, I'll stop now. But hey, at least it's not Brady!

Far from just a regular old season mode, Madden 20 lets you go through a real journey. We're talking starting out as a college player and the College Football National Championship playoffs. Then the NFL Combine and the NFL Draft. Only after that hard work does is become about chasing that Super Bowl ring. 

There's a focus on more realistic play this year, including a range of updated playbooks for each team to add some more nuanced strategy. There's also the Superstar X-Factor that adds in special abilities you can use and new signature animations make star players more realistic than ever before.

You don't have to just experience the career as a player though as Franchise mode allows you to step into the shoes of a coach or even a team owner. And naturally, you'll want to take the action online too and get stuck into Ultimate Team to pack your lineups with all-time greats.

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