Madden 15 Ultimate Team tips

Madden Ultimate Team Tips

Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) is an absolute monster. Since making its debut as a downloadable add-on in Madden NFL 11, it has evolved to become one of the most popular ways to play the game. Entire communities have sprung up around it, playing their version of card-collecting fantasy football 12 months a year.

MUT allows you to collect all of your favourite current NFL players plus some of the greatest legends in NFL history and pit them against offline and online competition. One of the biggest reasons MUT has become so popular is that it brings back childhood memories of buying packs of sports cards at the neighbourhood convenience store and comparing them with your friends. It’s also a living mode, constantly updated from the day that Madden launches up to and through the calendar year.

Many people, however, get intimidated by MUT. Some don’t quite know how to get started, while others may get lost along the way. It can be tough sometimes to move from one level to the other, especially with so many nuances to the mode. Money is also a factor; Ultimate Team can be played without spending additional money, but there’s always a temptation to pay to get access to things you want. MUT makes it easy--too easy?--to drop extra cash.

This guide will take care of all those problems. We will give you the knowledge to go from a MUT newbie all the way to a champion by teaching you the basics. Even better, we’ll add some key pro-tips to make your team the best it can possibly be--and hopefully not put a dent into your wallet. So hop in!

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