Lost 3.06: I Do review

The One Where: Jack operates on Ben.

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AIR-DATE: 8/11/2006

Written by: Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

Directed by: Tucker Gates

Starring: Nathan Fillion, Tania Raymonde


In Flashback
Kate marries a
cop without telling him of her
past. Guilt finally gets to her, she
tells him the truth, then scarpers.

On the Island
Jack refuses
to operate on Ben, so the Others
try moral blackmail, threatening
to kill Sawyer. It doesn’t work.
During Eko’s funeral Locke
sees “Lift up your eyes and look
north” carved on his prayer stick.

One night, someone lets Jack
out of his cell. He creeps to a
room full of monitors. On one of
them he sees Kate and Sawyer
indulging in some hanky panky in
Sawyer’s cell. Suddenly he agrees
to operate on Ben.

But it’s a ruse. Halfway through
the operation Jack stabs Ben’s
kidney sack. Ben will die within
the hour unless Jack stitches him
back up. Jack won’t do this unless
Kate is freed. It’s good timing,
because Pickett (unknown to his
bosses) has decided to kill Sawyer.
Jack, by radio, tells Kate to run.

Thank God for that
jaw-dropping cliffhanger because
otherwise this is a disappointingly
humdrum episode. It’s solid and
watchable, but lacks punch; the
flashback paint-dryingly dull and
pointless. Less of Kate snogging a
copper (Fillion is wasted here)
and more of Locke and co would
have been appreciated. Luckily,
those final few minutes do leave
you gagging for more and boast
some superb performances. What
is well handled is that after Mr
Eko’s death last week, you really
do believe that Sawyer could
meet his maker in this episode.

But who’s this Jacob that
Pickett mentions? What was his
list? Why wasn’t Jack on it?

Jack (over a
radio): “Run, Kate. RUN!”

Dave Golder

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