Lost 2.22 Three Minutes review

The One Where: Michael leads Jack and co into a trap.

AIR-DATE: 17/05/06

Written by:
Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz

Stephen Williams

Tania Raymonde and April Grace

Rating: 3/5

In flashback
Michael is captured by the Others while searching for Walt, and is taken to their camp. He’s allowed to see Walt, who’s been having experiments performed on him. Walt protests that the Others are “pretending”, before being yanked away. An Other – Mrs Klugh – tells Michael he must bring Hurley, Jack, Kate and Sawyer to them if he wants to them to release Walt.

On the Island
Michael has a hard time tricking the four he needs to take back to the Others to go with him, but seems to succeed. However, Sayid is suspicious, telling Jack that he’ll sail in secret to the Others’ camp while the rest set out on foot.

Charlie is upset that Eko is no longer building the church. He finds another stash of drug-filled Madonna statuettes, but he throws them into the sea. Locke watches him and gives him an approving smile. A reconciliation between Charlie and Claire also seems on the cards.

During Ana-Lucia and Libby’s funeral a boat appears on the sea.

Thank God for Sayid, the only person on the island with half a brain it seems. It’s also good to see Charlie getting a decent amount of airtime as well (he’s been wasted this season), but not enough. Instead we have to put up with a flashback which tells which pretty much what we’d pieced together anyway, while the Others are still as interesting as nasal hair. And what’s happened a Eko? He was a great character. Now he’s just a loon.

Charlie: “So you wake up in the middle of the night, grab your Jesus stick, you don’t call, you don’t even write.”

Dave Golder

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