Lost Planet shots discovered

Monday 19 June 2006
We've stumbled across a fine selection of images from Capcom's upcoming sci-fi shooter Lost Planet, and you can find the latest shots for yourself by clicking the images tab at the top of this page.

Lost Planet is an exercise in third-person alien extermination, with amnesiac lead character Wayne facing off against the creepy crawly Akrids on a hostile frozen world. Luckily, he's got a selection of weapons to keep his hands warm and also has access to stonking great 'virtual suits' to squish the enemy with.

Anyone with a 360 and a healthy dose of good sense will, undoubtedly, have already downloaded the playable E3 demo from Xbox Live and will know that Lost Planet promises to be a storming - and gorgeous looking - shooter.

Above: The bug-like Akrids are the none-too-pleased-to-see-you residents of the ice-covered planet

Matt Cundy
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