Looks like the next Need for Speed is going to Vegas. Or Seattle. It's hard to be sure.

The Need for Speed series is pulling out of its pit stop and revving its engines. After the simply-titled "Need for Speed" debuted on PS4 and Xbox One in 2015, the franchise went fairly quiet. But now, the Need for Speed Twitter has posted a bit of a teaser for the next entry in the long-running series.

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It's hard to make out, but that looks like the Space Needle in the bottom right corner to me, suggesting this next game will take place in Seattle. Others think it could be Las Vegas, and that what appears to be the Space Needle is actually the Stratosphere Tower.

There's also a second picture that shows a car burning out, and the license plate seems to be from California. Yes, Las Vegas is in Nevada, but it's pretty close to the state line and certainly within driving distance of many major CA cities.

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I could see it going either way. But what do you think? Seattle or Vegas?

Sam Prell

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