Looks like No Man's Sky is getting buggies soon

We've only just got No Man's Sky's latest update (opens in new tab) but it looks like more is on the way with datamining redditors finding models and textures for a new in-game buggy. 

And, just to be clear, all the info has come from a folder labeled 'BUGGY'.

The first clue came when some texture files (opens in new tab) for tire tracks were found by eegandj.  There were several images carefuly arranged in a folder, like they were going to be used. 

There were also references to the Buggy in the code under 'vehicles'. That led to some more digging about and the discovery of this rotation animation (opens in new tab)

There's also what appears to be some partially modelled wheels. That, along with the animation up there, has all been modded into the game (opens in new tab) and this is the result: 

Seems pretty conclusive then. Hello Games has made it clear that it intends No Man's Sky to change a lot over future updates, and we're already seeing some quite large additions, and the promise of more. Could be interesting to see where this all goes over the coming months. 

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