Look out for new Xbox Series X details next week

(Image credit: Microsoft)

In lieu of a showing at this year's Game Developers Conference, Microsoft is hosting two days of livestreams to discuss current happenings, and a timeslot scheduled for the Xbox Series X could very well reveal new details about the next-gen console.

"Join us on Mixer March 17-18 where we'll be live-streaming content that we planned to share at this year's Game Developers Conference. Starting at 10:00 am PT on the 17th, come learn about the latest cloud and game development technologies from Microsoft," reads the event description.

On the schedule for the second day of livestreams, there's an hour-long block from 11:40-12:40am PT titled 'Xbox Series X + Project xCloud = New Chapter in Gaming.' Then there's a panel just before that will explore "How online services are defining the next generation of game development," which could also shed some new light on the Xbox Series X and next-gen more broadly.

The whole schedule of events is worth checking out, as Microsoft plans to cover a variety of diverse topics, from accessibility in Gears 5 and developer interviews to ray-tracing and other developer tools.

Unlike the suspiciously quiet PS5, we're seeing small details drip out of the Xbox Series X on a semi-regular basis. Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently teases Gears 5 "enhancements" (likely for the next-gen platform), and just before that he revealed that the Xbox Series X boasts "more than eight times" the graphics power as the Xbox One.

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