Look, Nukem!

3D Realms CEO Scott Miller has revealed details regarding two of the developer's biggest upcoming titles: Prey and Duke Nukem Forever. Well, we say 'upcoming', but still no one knows when the latter is coming out.

So, just what has happened to Duke Nukem Forever? "No-one wants to spend so long on making a game, and we've definitely screwed up along the way," Miller told FiringSquad.com. "But in the end, it'll work out fine as long as we produce a hit. If we manage that, few will care that it took so long."

Above: Is Prey the game that Turok would have been had it not gone off the boil?

So what about Prey, an FPS that's being developed by Human Head in conjunction with 3D Realms? "We've already mapped out a sequel for Prey from a high-level story standpoint and, of course, as soon as Duke is done we'll begin a new one. We are also getting the ball rolling on an unannounced project, which has yet to be signed by a publisher."

Is 3D Realms getting ahead of itself, or is everything still ticking away smoothly behind closed doors? The proof (preyf?) will be in the pudding when Prey is released for Xbox 360 and PC later this year.