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London newspaper accidentally reviews Kinect, accidentally likes it

People of the world, the world%26rsquo;s first Kinect review has hit print! Only not really.It seems that the London Evening Star newspaper ran what we%26rsquo;ll call an overly emphatic preview of Microsoft%26rsquo;s new motion-sensing tech, but sorta-kinda accidentally attached a five-star rating to it, indicating it was a review. Woops.

Above: That%26rsquo;s five stars of technological wonder (image courtesy ofCVG)

The original article, caught earlier today by CVG, clearly indicates that, while the writer had sufficient time to muck with the hardware, he was only "shown several technical demos which reveal the incredibly complex mathematics behind the technology.%26rdquo;

An update later in the day from Microsoft plainly stated that "the Evening Standard review was written after a preview event and was only scored due to a printing error." So it looks like you%26rsquo;re just going to have to wait a little bit longer to see if that rafting game is any good or not, internet. Don%26rsquo;t worry, though, I%26rsquo;m sure you%26rsquo;ll have plenty to read on the subject in about a week or so.


Oct 28, 2010

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