Take a tour of Victorian London in this new AC Syndicate trailer

If you're the kind of Assassin who has to collect every maguffin that Ubi scatters liberally across Creed maps then this Assassin's Creed Syndicate trailer will probably set your OCD muscle twitching. However, London doesn't just look suitably massive but each district looks unique and pleasantly atmospheric.

The trailer takes the time to take in the impressive sights. The muddy waters of the Thames are filthy, we get a glimpse of one of the aforementioned Fight Clubs, a train pulls into a station like a shiny Hogwarts Express and a time lapse view of Trafalgar Square is dangerously huge. Plus, keep an eye out for two sailors doing their best Titanic impression on the Thames. No, it's nothing to do with French girls, stop being filthy.

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