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LocoRoco 2: 17 October!

Thursday 31 May 2007
LocoRoco 2 will launch for PSP on 17 October,with PSP's Pursuit Force Extreme Justice appearing in September and Syphon Filter sequel Logan's Shadow also hitting in October, making this autumn a bumper season for Sony's handheld.

The dates come from an official-looking Sony release schedule, unearthed by NeoGaf forumites. The list also features a decent line-up of autumnal hits for both PS2 and PS3. On PlayStation 2, Syphon Filter Dark Mirror is set for a 12 September launch while Rogue Galaxy will finally appear on 5 September.

PlayStation 3 meanwhile will see SingStar's promising next-gen debut on 3 August, the exciting Heavenly Sword is headed for a September release, and Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction smashes in on 10 October. All of which should go some way to proving that PS3 isn't in trouble - it's just warming up.