Lindsay Lohan asks Who Killed Me

In an attempt to grab some of the career kudos scooped by Anne Hathaway after challenging roles in Brokeback Mountain (and, to a lesser extent, Havoc), Lindsay Lohan is stretching her acting chops with the double punch of the already announced teenager-gone-wild drama Georgia Rule (on which she seems to be taking method acting just a little too far) and now a real departure – a shocking serial killer thriller.

Chris Silvertson’s Who Killed Me will see La Lohan playing two roles in the film, which finds rich, privileged Aubrey kidnapped and mutilated by a psycho. When she escapes – missing a hand and a leg and having lost plenty of blood, she makes it to a hospital, but wakes up after treatment claiming to be an identical girl called Dakota. With everyone trying to convince her she’s gone loopy, this girl must save both her own life and Aubrey’s before it’s too late…

Yes, it’s exactly the sort of film her Herbie: Fully Loaded core audience will be ready for – call it the next step in their cinematic education. It’ll be the hit of slumber parties across the country! Jeff Hammond wrote the script and the film starts shooting early next month in LA.

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