Like Crazy adds trailer and poster

A trailer and poster has been released for Like Crazy , giving online romantics their first look at a film which melted the hearts of the Sundance Film Festival jurors.

Director Drake Doremus' indie flick follows the long-distance relationship between a US citizen (Anton Yelchin) who falls in love with a female British student (Felicity Jones) who overstays her visa and is forced to return to London.

The love story scooped the Grand Jury Prize for best film at this year's Sundance, while Jones took the Special Jury Prize for best actress.

“This guy came up to me right after [ the first Sundance screening ] and he just broke down and said he’d just talked to an ex-girlfriend he hadn’t spoken to in five years, just there, there in the audience,” Doremus told Entertainment Week .

“He said, ‘The movie inspired me to act on something I’ve been feeling and thinking for many years.’ I was blown away.”

Like Crazy will be released in UK cinemas on 3 February 2012.