Lightsaber graffiti artists

A group of young graffiti artists - a Cologne-based crew called Lichtfaktor, first spotted on YouTube - have taken to the streets of London, to create works of art based on the time-lapse photographing of glowsticks.

Sky Movies has commissioned them to produce a short film to coincide with its Star Wars vs Star Trek season, showing this week on Sky Movies Sci-Fi & Horror. (Did you spot members of the SFX team waffling on screen as well?)

Marcel Panne of Lichtfaktor says, "We grew up watching Star Wars and Star Trek, the iconic imagery has provided us with so much inspiration in developing our style of work. We came to London to express this energy and passion through vivid shapes and colours across the capital’s skyline."

Watch their latest piece here:

And here's when you can watch the movies on Sky Sci-Fi & Horror:

Monday 6 August - All six Star Wars films in release order
Tuesday 7 August - The first nine Star Trek films in release date order
Wednesday 8 August - A mix of all Star Wars and Star Trek films
Thursday 9 August - A mix of all Star Wars and Star Trek films
Friday 10 August - A mix of the most recent Star Wars and Star Trek films
Saturday 11 August - All nine Star Trek films working back by release order
Sunday 12 August - All six Star Wars films in episode order

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