LG Rollable phone gives you a tablet-sized screen that fits in your pocket

LG Rollable phone
(Image credit: LG)

LG has shared a sneak peek at its rollable phone, and it sounds like it won't remain solely the stuff of tech demos for much longer.

The Korean electronics giant capped off its half-hour long CES 2021 press conference with a brief teaser of the LG Rollable: as the conference ends, we see the whole thing playing out on a device the size of a tablet. Then the tablet's screen seamlessly scales down, reducing the overall size of the device and returning it to a more typical phone aspect ratio.

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If you've seen the way LG's rollable TVs emerge from their bases, it's a lot like that - just in the size of something that could fit in your pocket. Foldable phones have been on the market for a few years, but a rollable screen could have the advantage of no visible seams and less overall bulk when rolled/folded down. Plus, I've gotta say that I'm generally excited for any kind of phone that doesn't just look like every other phone from the last eight years.

The way the phone effortlessly shrinks looks magic, at least in the magical school of carefully constructed press conference tech demos. But according to CNET's sources, extremely real LG Rollable phones will start rolling out onto the market later this year.

Other tech marvels from CES 2021 so far include a 48" gaming OLED that bends at the press of a button, a new chair from Razer that unfolds a 60" wraparound screen, and the long-awaited announcement of GeForce RTX 3060 cards.

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