LG shows off a 48" bendable OLED screen that lets you near-instantly change its curve

LG is showing off a new 4K display that goes from a gaming-friendly curve to a more cinematic flatscreen at a single button-press.

The 48-inch screen features a single button on its base that, when pressed, can bend the screen to "a curvature radius of up to 1000r", helping immerse you in games by putting you at the center of the image. Press the button again and the screen will automatically flatten out so you can sit back on the couch to watch a movie or show at the standard rectangular aspect ratio (or vice versa, and you can adjust how much the screen bends to fit your preference).

The screen also features Cinematic Sound OLED technology, which vibrates the display's panel itself to create sound instead of using standard built-in speaker technology. LG says this helps create more immersive audio as well, with higher quality sound that seems like it's really coming from the image instead of just below it. The new display is one of the featured items at LG's offline exhibition hall in Seoul, though you can also take a tour yourself without leaving home on LG's website

The overall design is just a prototype for now, and it may never make it to full scale production, but it's definitely one of those CES finds that makes you stop and go "oooh". Make sure you stay tuned to GamesRadar for more news from the show throughout the rest of the week.

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