Lewdle is like Wordle with nothing but dirty words

(Image credit: Gary Whitta)

Viral vocabulary game Wordle has a new, NSFW cousin: Lewdle, a guessing game which exclusively uses dirty words. 

Lewdle was unveiled earlier today by Gary Whitta, most recently known as a writer on Forspoken and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. If you've played Wordle, the rules will feel familiar. You get six tries to guess a five-letter word, with each guess giving you more information about which letters are correct. Letters which aren't in the target word at all are grayed out, letters which are in the word but are in the wrong space will turn up yellow, and using the right letters in the right place will get you a green square. Five green squares and you're good. 

The obvious kicker is that all of Lewdle's target words are lewd to some degree. To put things into perspective, the example words listed on the browser game's tutorial are "dicks", "titty", and "queef". And (spoiler warning) to the surprise of no one, the first target word was "boner." We're going straight back to high school desk graffiti, folks. 

"We hope you had as much fun playing this as we had making it," Whitta said. "Enjoy."

You've got to wonder how many five-letter lewd words there actually are. Surely it's only a matter of time before Lewdle burns through the grade-A classics and relies on more obscure terms like "randy." Hell, you can't even use words that Lewdle doesn't recognize as lewd, but who's to say where the lewd line is drawn? Lewdle, apparently. 

As it happens, another game also called Wordle recently resurfaced thanks to the popularity of the new game. It was originally published on the App Store five years ago by Steven Cravotta, and over 150,000 people recently downloaded it thinking they were getting the Wordle made by Josh Wardle, which has taken over social media. Unlike Wardle's Wordle, which will always be free and ad-free, Cravotta's Wordle was built to be monetized, so its spike in popularity generated quite a bit of cash – money which Cravotta donated to charity after consulting with Wardle about who to send it to. 

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