Let the Sunshine in

Shallow Grave director Danny Boyle’s first film since Millions has been quietly chugging through production, flying low under the radar. But Sunshine’s official site has been chronicling the progress and has now posted a combination of trailer-ready clips from the movie mixed with an introduction from Boyle himself.

The plot sends us spinning fifty years into the future, where the prospect of our sun dying is threatening mankind. A crew of eight (including Cillian Murphy, Troy’s Rose Byrne and Fantastic Four’s Chris Evans) are sent soaring into space, headed for the ailing star and loaded with an experimental device aimed at re-starting it and saving us all.

Then something goes terribly wrong – as they plough towards their goal, long out of radio contact with Earth, a fatal accident happens. Soon, the crew are beginning to doubt their own sanity, a situation compounded by them receiving a distress beacon from a ship that was on the same mission. Seven years ago…

This will definitely be one to look out for, coming from the powerhouse team of Boyle and 28 Days Later writer Alex Garland. Sunshine will heat up cinemas in March next year, but you can check out the site and the footage by clicking here .

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