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Let Me In trailer

Let Me In

Let Me In , the Anglicised reworking of sublime Swedish flick Let The Right One In , has released its first trailer online.

And there’s a distinct whiff of déjà vu about it all, with Matt Reeves’ re-do sticking true to the original for some almost shot-for-shot similarities, as well as a typically foreboding ambience.

It’s almost unmistakably American (which will please reboot financiers who couldn't get anybody to watch the one with subtitles), replete with moody rock soundtrack. Still, Hit Girl herself Chloe Moretz looks like she won’t disappoint, as does The Road ’s Kodi Smit-McPhee.

Check out the new trailer below…

Let Me In opens on 29 October.

Now we’re off to watch the masterful original again…

Still feeling bloody-minded about the reboot? Or warming up to it?