Die Hard 6 gets a director with Len Wiseman returning to the franchise

Bruce Willis may be about to pull on that filthy old singlet for one more adventure, with Deadline reporting that Len Wiseman has entered negotiations with Fox to direct Die Hard 6. Wiseman, who directed the fourth Die Hard film Live Free Or Die Hard, will return alongside producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, with the duo currently searching for a screenwriter for the project.

The plan is to make the new film half prequel and half sequel, with Willis reportedly set to play the present day John McClane, while a new actor plays a younger version of the badass copper. Think of it as The Godfather Part II of the franchise... sort of.

Despite the two most recent Die Hard films receiving steadfastly lukewarm reviews, they both generated more than $300 million worldwide, suggesting that Fox will be pressing ahead with this one for better or worse. Yippie-Kay... Yay?

George Wales

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