Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

He’s the willy-waving antithesis of Super Mario, the platforming pervert with a spike bigger than Sonic’s. Yes, Leisure Suit Larry is back for another boobalicious bout of debauchery, fondling and all-round naughtiness.

The game takes place in the sinful city of LA on the Tinseltown movie studio back lots and sees Larry Laffer’s studio in deep trouble when the rivals across the street send in a mole to infiltrate and leak all the dirty little secrets happening behind closed doors. Cue the fear of a public flogging and the entrance of Larry Loveage, Larry’s nephew, who has to work his way through the studio lot and try and scare the mole out of hiding before all the dirt turns into tabloid headlines and shuts the skin-flick factory down for good.

Being that the game is set in the land of Hollywood, we’re expecting a wedge of movie spoof gags and characters that lampoon A-list celebrity stars, after all, this is Leisure Suit Larry. From what we’ve seen at this early stage of development there are three dream sequences sending up classic moments from Hollywood’s glittering past. These Dreamscape missions have Larry taking center stage and playing a variety of roles including the reluctant gun-slinging hero for hire in the Western à la John Wayne, the curse stricken anti-hero of the silly horror movie which superbly sends up Michael Jackson’s Thriller music vid and the skinny hobo heading out to sea on the Bitanic.