Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

We will, we’re told, also be able to take on the Director’s Chair Game and helm our very own Larry feature flick too. Now, whether or not we’re talking soft-core porn fused with nods to the aforementioned classic Hollywood moments, we’re not so sure, but being the series that it is, we’re expecting plenty of raunchy moments.

Much like the GTA games, this one is going to be a free roamer loaded with funky vehicles like golf carts that you can speed around the lot in causing plenty of chaos. So expect plenty of racing minigames along with a peppering of shooting, fighting and acting. Sure, these games are a bit smutty, silly and downright stupid, but having something like Larry offer up a few laughs in a year of full-on action games like Killzone, Metal Gear Solid and GTA IV is a breath of fresh air. And hey, who doesn’t like a little bout of no brainer plug ‘n’ play games every now and then?

Throw in some platforming and cameos from the man who has appeared in as many Adam Sandler flicks as Adam Sandler himself - Allen Covert (he was the bum caddy in Happy Gilmore), Jay Mohr of Saturday Night Live and Go fame, American Pie’s Shannon Elizabeth (you know her, the Euro slut) and the Playboy pin-up Carmen Electra and you’ve got a cracking comical celeb line-up that may be a recipe to cook up a storm of giggles in gamers.

Feb 13, 2008