Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy - first look

Lego Star Wars II will also give players the chance to make their own heroes out of spare parts from 50 different Star Wars characters (or up to 100, if you've got a save file with unlocked characters from the first game). This is more than just vanity customization, though; picking a character's head will give you their special attack (like Emperor Palpatine's lightning bolts or Chewie's arm-rip), and giving them a blaster or lightsaber determines whether they can use the Force. It's even possible to assemble a team of your own creations and storm through the game in Free Play mode.

In addition to creative mayhem and customization, Lego Star Wars II will offer a story that faithfully parodies the first three movies, complete with puzzles, dialogue-free cinemas and lots of hidden stuff to find. To ensure that anyone can play and have fun, the game will constantly monitor how well you play and adjust its difficulty accordingly. Unlockable minigames will round out the package, and the handheld versions will even pack in special multiplayer modes. Expect them all to ship in September, alongside the DVD re-re-release of the original Star Wars films.

Mikel Reparaz
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