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Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 red brick collectibles guide

Stud Magnet

Pulls in studs from afar (except for ghost studs). In the hallway with the door leading to the room of requirement there is a statue that can only be destroyed with the Reducto spell. Grab the red brick from it and take it to the owl on the right end of the hall.

Fast Dig

Increases dig speed. Not the most useful modifier. This brick can be found along the forest path. Equip the Spectrespecs to find it.


Gives characters Santa hats. In the wilderness outside the tent in year 7, pull the large red mushroom out of the ground and ride it over the 5 smaller red mushrooms.


Makes you impervious to damage. In the north tower courtyard, use Aguamenti on the plant in the upper left corner, then destroy what grows.

Super Strength

Allows any character to use orange handles. Use dark magic on the object in the secret courtyard. The object is at the top left of this screenshot.

Extra Hearts

Gives you six hearts instead of four. In the defense against the dark arts classroom, unlock the horse skeleton using dark magic. Blast the skeleton until it kicks open the chest containing a red brick.

Fast Magic

Makes assembling and moving objects much faster. In the astronomy tower, use dark magic on the five red objects in the room.

Regenerate Hearts

Your life regenerates. Use dark magic on this object in the dark forest.

Character Studs

All characters drop studs. In the great hall, simply use dark magic on the object pictured above.

Fall Rescue

You won’t lose life if you fall off a ledge. You’ll first need to be walking around as a Ravenclaw character. Once inside the library, stand below the portrait seen above and press B. Use Diffindo on the red wall to create a key, which unlocks the door guarding a red brick.