Lego Brawls gets a console release date

Action brawler is finally coming to PS consoles
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Lego Brawls let's "Minifigure mayhem begin" on console and Switch on September 2, 2022.

Lego Brawls - which, exactly as it says on the tin, is a brawler starring LEGO minifigs - supports one to four players, and online play for up to eight people. It was originally released as part of Apple Arcade's ad- and microtransaction-free mobile line-up back in 2019, and is now making the leap to console and Nintendo Switch.

You can see it in action right here in this brief but colorful release date announce trailer:

In Lego Brawls, you'll get to build the ultimate brawler, creating your own hero with "unique style, strategy, and personality". 

"A cactus with an attitude? A scrappy janitor ninja who happens to have fighting chickens? A sledgehammer-swinging clown with a few scores to settle? Sure! Build the ultimate brawler and level them up with unlockable content!" the game's description teases.

"Dream up the ultimate Minifigure brawlers and bash your way through all of your favorite Lego themes in the first-team action brawler set in the LEGO universe," explains PlayStation in the game's store description, although it's also coming to Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

You'll get to battle through iconic Lego settings, such as the swashbuckling shores of Barracuda Bay to the waterlogged caverns of Ninjago Seabound as well as the Wild West and the jungle. The more you explore, the more unlockable minifigures, power-ups, and emotes there are to collect.

There's also a royale-style game mode where it’s "every-player-for-themself". 

On the subject of Lego: A new Lego Obi-Wan Kenobi set was recently revealed. Available to pre-order now for $49.99 from the official Lego store (or £44.99 if you're based in the UK), this Lego Obi-Wan Kenobi set features the Jedi as he appears in his new show, Darth Vader himself, unexpected ally Tala Durith, and episode 3's MVP NED-B. They come with a mini-diorama based on the mining planet Ben's hiding out on, including the rocks Vader hurls across the ground and sets on fire. 

Revealed through Obi-Wan Wednesdays on the Star Wars website, it was just one of the day's surprises. We're also getting some new Retro Collection Star Wars action figures from Hasbro featuring the Grand Inquisitor and NED-B, not to mention a plush LOLA droid. 

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