Lego Batman 2 mini-kit guide

Through the 15 missions in the LEGO Batman 2 campaign, there are 10 mini-kit items that can be found in each by performing some crafty tricks and using various character powers. To get the mini-kits required for each level, you’ll need to play through each mission in Free Play mode after the campaign is first completed. Not only do you need to switch to other characters, you’ll first need to have certain characters unlocked and available in your stable. You’ll need The Penguin, Aquaman, The Joker, The Riddler, Man-Bat, Lex Luthor, and Poison Ivy to get all the mini-kits. Once you have gone through the trouble of finding all the kits, you can do a little jig in celebration of the additional 15 new tiny vehicles, as well as some achievements and trophies for your troubles.

Table of Contents

Mission 1 & 2

Mission 3 & 4

Mission 5 & 6

Mission 7 & 8

Mission 9 & 10

Mission 11 & 12

Mission 13 & 14

Mission 15

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