Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Walkthrough

Palace of Twilight

Once you have left the City in the Sky you will find yourself back in Lake Hylia. Swim over to Frya’s cannon and take a ride to the Oasis. When you land in the Gerudo Desert, warp to the mirror chamber and a scene will play as you put together the pieces of the mirror. Walk across the light bridge to enter the Twilight Palace and then make your way to the east and go through the door. Destroy the enemies inside, and when you take down the large had, a chest will appear with a small key inside. Grapple up to the far ledge using the grates on the will and drop down to go through the locked door. Enter the fog in wolf form and take down another large head and two chests will appear; one with a small key and one with a compass. Grapple up to the north ledge and go up the stairs and through the locked door. When you enter, there will be a hand at the far end grasping a ball. When you approach it, a ghost version of Zant will appear. Attack it when it is close and continue to do so even as it conjures other enemies to fight you.

When you have hit the ghost enough times, it will vanish and put a cloud in the center of the room. Hit the hand and then use the clawshot to grab the Sol from it. Now you will need to bring it all the way back outside to the starting area. Carry it to the center of the room and place it on the ground in the circle. Run up the stairs that formed and then grapple the Sol when you reach the top. The hand will continuously be trying to return the Sol, so keep it out of its hand and keep moving. In the next room, do the same thing, although the staircase will be a bit larger. In the third room, just avoid the enemies and then return to the starting area and place the Sol in one of the two circles. Step on the green square that appears and ride it to the west side of the area. Go through the next door and then grapple to the wall and then to the ceiling. Drop down on the floating platform and then hop across the next few.

Once you get to the far side, take out the large head and grab the small key that appears in the chest. Go through the locked door to enter another chamber that is filled will black fog and take out another head. Once that head is defeated, a few more will show up. Destroy them all and then go to the north and grapple to the wall and then to the ceiling to get across the room. When you reach the south side, there will be two chests to the east and west. One will contain the dungeon map and the other a small key. Grab both and hen grapple back to the north side and go through the locked door. Now you will have to fight against ghost Zant again, and just like last time, let him come to you and then attack him. Once he is down, grab the Sol from the hand and return it. In the first room, simply run up the steps and grapple the Sol from the center. In the second room, place the Sol in the center and then quickly jump on the platform to the west before it rises.

Once it does, grab the Sol and then run through the door. In the third room, drop off the edge going forward and there will be a light sphere below. Stand beside it to have a platform rise. Let it take you up and then hop across the three platforms already there. At the next sphere, another platform will appear. Use it to get to the far side and get outside. Now take the Sol to the resting place in the center of the main area and you will get a fancy new sword that you can use to clear away the black for by doing a spin attack (shaking the nunchuck.) Walk up the ramp in the center of the area and clear the fog and hop over the gap to enter the doorway. When in the next room, clear the fog and then grab the two Sol’s and place them in the circles on the floor. Head up the stairs and then strike the spheres to create a platform that will take you to the other side. Take out the few heads that appear, and when they are down, a chest will appear, giving you a small key.

Once you have it, stand between the three spheres and spin to hit all three at once. Ride the platform across to the other side and go through the locked door. Now that you are outside, go to the west side and spin through the black fog there and grapple up the walls to reach the ledge at the very top. Here you will find the chest which contains the Big Key. Make your way back down to the bottom; and go to the east side. Hit the spheres there to create a platform and ride it over to fight another head. Once it is down, make another platform to return to where you started and to fight a whole slew of heads. When they are finally defeated, a chest will appear giving you the small key to use on the door to the left. Enter the next chamber and spin through the fog and spin to hit the 4 spheres. Let the platform lift you and then hop on the one platform that is going up. Once it reaches the top, jump to the left platform and continue to go up. When you reach the ledge, grapple to the wall and then defeat the heads that appear. Continue to the other side of the room by grappling to the ceiling and then lowering onto the platform in the center.

Take out the rest of the heads that appear on the far side and then grab the small key out of the chest. Hop on the platform in the center and it will take you over to the locked door to go through. In the next chamber, clear out the black fog and then a few waves of shadow beings will drop in. They are cake to defeat now with your flashy sword and a couple spin attacks is all it takes to put them down. Go through the large door at the end of the room and you will face off against the boss.

Boss: Usurper King Zant

Tis battle with Zant will take place in 6 different locations that you have been to throughout the game and each one will require a different approach to being able to hit him. For the first, use the boomerang to hit him while he is floating above the water. When you hit him, he will come down to the ground allowing you to slash at him. Repeat a second time and you will now face him on the tilting platform where you fought the goron. Equip the Iron boots so that when the platform tilts, you don’t fall off. When Zant stops jumping, run up to him and hit him. Again, do this twice to move on to the next location. Now you will be under water in the Lakebed Temple and there will be 4 large heads that are at the ground. Use the iron boots to sink and then wait for one of the heads to open.

When you see where Zant is, grab him with the grapple and slash at him. Repeat again and you will be transported to the Forest Temple. When he is on top of the pillar shooting at you, roll into it to dizzy him. Then toss your boomerang at him to knock him to the ground. Run over and give him some quick hits and repeat a second time. Next stop: the Snowpeak ruins where you earlier fought Blizzeta. Look in the reflection of the ice to see when he is above you and then roll out of the way for when he comes stomping down. When he does, toss the ball and chain at one of his feet and he will hop around while shrinking. Try to get over to him as quickly as you can and slash away at him. Again, repeat a second time and then you will finally be at the final battle with him. For the final round, Zant will really only have one attack that you need to look out for and that’s his spinning attack. When he does it, keep hopping out of the way and eventually he will be out of breath and stop. When he does, go nuts on him. Repeat one more time and a scene will play to end the battle.