Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Walkthrough

Ilia’s Memories and Statues

Go to Telma’s bar and talk to Telma and look at the map in the back to learn of Shad at kakariko Village. Head there and talk to Renado and take his letter. Head make to Telma’s bar and show her the letter. Take the invoice to the doctor and then go to rear of shop and push crate to expose green puddle. Sniff and then follow trail to Telma’s bar again. Talk to the cat and she will say to go to the south exit at night to find skeletal dogs that took the statue. Go there and defeat all the dogs that show up and the statue will come flying out for you. Grab it and head back Kakariko Village and show the statue to Ilia and she will remember a little bit. The Elder Goron will take over and say that north of Eldin Bridge is the next spot to go and you should be Darbus there.

Go to the Bridge of Eldin and just as you cross it going north, there will be a cave on the right. Enter it to find Darbus pounding away on a rock. When he is done, he will tell you there are 20 enemies in the town. Simply take them all out and then a door will open and the tiny Impaz will come out. Take ilias charm from her and back to Kakariko village to give it to Ilia. Drop in the basement to talk to Shad and he will talk about the statue there. Go back to the hidden village to talk to Impaz and show her the Dominion Rod. She will then give you the Ancient Sky Book. Again, head back to Kakariko village and give the book to Shad in the cellar and he will say that there are other statues around Hyrule and marks your map of their locations. The Dominion Rod will also regain its power and will need to be used on each statue. For the first, warp to Kakariko Gorge and head north to the statue. Use the rod on it and move it out of the way. Step on the platform it was on and start to make your way to the next statue at Eldin Bridge.

After that, the next you can go to is just south of the Hyrule Castle town marker and then move the statue between its platform and the stone steps to hop on the platform. Next up, go up the east path to the next statue and walk it off the cliff ledge it is resting. Grapple to the vines above and drop down onto the statue and then hop over to the platform to get the sky character. Next go to Gerudo Mesa and take a short trip west to find the statue among the pillars there. Hop on top of the short block behind the column and then hop across to the statue to the platform. Next go to north Faron Woods and to Coro’s shop where you get oil. Bomb the boulder to the east to open a passage and find the statue inside. Now warp back to Kakariko Village and talk to Shad in the cellar and give him the book that you filled. He will leave in frustration and when he does, use the rod on the statue and move it out of the way. Go through the passage and then warp with the large cannon to Lake Hylia. Talk to Frya and have him repair the cannon for 300 rupees. Once it is fixed, grapple the back of it and it will launch you into the sky.